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This is aqumo for consumers
This is aqumo for partners

This is aqumo.

aqumo let you be independent in choosing and using your ICT platform INDEPENDENCE
aqumo provides to your company a secure and reliable private cloud Private cloud
aqumo's virtual infrastructure means hassle-free computing Virtual infrastructure
Thanks to aqumo your employees will collaborate more efficiently and easily Collaboration
aqumo designs and builds customs made solutions for your company TAILOR MADE
aqumo's platform is accessible anytime and from anywhere


Cloud computing means having your own personalised virtual datacenter available at any time. With aqumo’s platforms your company data are always at hand, ready to be used by anyone in your network, including your clients and suppliers.
We offer at least 99.95% reliability of all our IT services and guarantee the smooth running for all your operations with considerable increased efficiency for your business.
aqumo is the right choice if you want to innovate and personalize your systems


aqumo is accessibility and innovation: for you, your employees and your clients. Our top modern datacenters based in Switzerland and our range of personalized IT services offer advanced technology solutions for business development, our technologies put transparency and reliability first. With us, your company data is safe and always available to you and your clients. Our innovative infra-structures ranging from co-location and hosting to cloud computing help you reduce costs, achieving your most ambitious goals.
aqumo designs tailor made virtual infrastructures modeled on your needs. All of our platforms are personalized to suit your business setup: we work with your existing technology to find bespoke solutions for your company and push your ideas forward. In very little time and with no additional effort, your business will become more efficient, cost-effective and ambitious.
With aqumo your employees will collaborate more efficiently and easily


We create customized IT systems that enhance accessibility and information sharing within your business. With our platforms your company data are always available to you and your employees at any time and from anywhere in the world.
We minimize data overload and improve your communications with collaborators and clients, making your business faster and better.
aqumo is your state-of-the-art virtual infrastructure


We build and operate all company software on your behalf. With our virtual infrastructures you avoid disruptive internal system upgrades and you are guaranteed free secure access to your company data, regardless of the technology available to you.
With aqumo, software and accessibility will never be a problem again.
This is aqumo, the easiest choice you ever made