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Become A Partner

How to become a partner

Become an aqumo partner today and grow your customer base, create demand for your brand and accelerate your profits. If you are ready to become a member of aqumo’s Partner Programme, getting started is very easy:

Register at the Online Registration Page: your information will be directed to one of our sales offices and an account executive will contact you in due course

If you are interested in the ACRP programme or you wish to propose a referral, then:

Share your referrals: the account executive will take the lead on referrals engagement operations. Your participation in the introduction and contact development can be as involved or as limited as you wish. You are not responsible for selling or managing the customer experience.

Sit back and relax: our experienced account executive team will meet with your referral, conduct a needs analysis, and, if the referral is deemed a good fit for aqumo, make a formal proposal for business. Once the customer’s services will have been installed on aqumo’s platform and the customer will have honoured its first invoice, we will send you a commission.

Need more information about how aqumo Partners Programme can help you develop your business? Contact us today at

aqumo keeps all information strictly confidential.