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Private cloud

A private cloud is a virtual datacenter characterised by high-availability, security, scalability and flexibility to meet your business’s changing demands. We offer our clients the possibility to build a private cloud environment within aqumo’s facilities while profiting from the flexibility of cloud computing and keeping human resources to manage it at the minimum.

Moving into the cloud does not come at the expense of security, compliance or control: our cloud environment simplifies the scanning process, identifying threats and blocking attacks while complementing existing security requirements. aqumo’s mission-critical cloud infrastructure is built on the best industry technologies and is capable of handling the most challenging and performance focused tasks with the utmost reliability. Our engineers design and manage the cloud infrastructure for you while you focus on your core competences and applications. You will receive all the benefits of cloud computing, maximizing your ROI on ICT infrastructure, without having to pay for extra hardware and personnel.

Virtual Servers

Our personalised server technology allows you to rent and scale computing power based on real-time needs of your business. With our virtual server solutions you can join the cloud with the reliability guarantee that comes from bespoke resources. With its deployment times the shared ICT Infrastructure platform also gives you space to focus on resources rather than hardware and to improve management and delivery times.

Virtual servers run on our highly reliable, geographically distributed platforms (all based in Switzerland) and powered by industry leading VMware vSphere virtualization solutions on hardware equipment from leading manufacturers. In addition, our virtual servers are easily scalable, allowing you to upgrade only the resources you need, such as CPU, RAM or disk space. We also offer to our customers the opportunity to employ additional resources in short periods, or “bursts”, to ensure that their platform is able to handle resource’s demand peaks. You are fully autonomous in customizing your platform, with no additional intervention from our support team, and that thanks to remote Desktop or SSH / Root Access, giving you full administrative and independent access.

Virtual desktop

We provide several desktop virtualization solutions that centralise and deliver desktops on any Internet enabled device to provide users with the best remote experience. Our virtual desktop services are available from desktops, laptops, notebooks, iPads, iPhones, Blackberries, thin clients, and other mobile devices.

Amongst the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) available today, we have selected for our customers the most cost effective: the platforms based on Microsoft Windows, Citrix XenApp or VMware Horizon View. When compared to their competitors, these platforms have the wider variety of features and performance benefits.

Virtualized desktops reduce business risks associated with potential data loss or theft, and lower the complexity and cost of desktop management, while providing end-users with the same functionality of a stand-alone desktop. Through any internet-enabled device, such as traditional personal computers, notebooks, SmartPhones, or thin clients, users can connect to a virtual desktop and access all their programs, applications, processes, and company data. Virtualized desktops, running a standard Windows operating system yet hosted on centralized servers, promise to drastically reduce the serious drain on IT resources caused by supporting desktop computing. By consolidating virtual desktops in the data centre, businesses benefit from improved IT productivity, increased company data security, reduced user downtime and significant power conservation.

Virtual databases

Our virtual database platform provides a cost-efficient and sizable capacity without the hassle of handling time-consuming database administration tasks. We support MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server database engines, which means that the code, applications, and tools employed by your existing databases may stay in place without changes. We automatically patch the database software and back up your database, storing the backups for a user-defined retention period and enabling point-in-time recovery. You benefit from the flexibility of being able to scale the computing resources or storage capacity or even to scale up the capacity of the database to a redundant distributed clustered solution.

Virtual storage

Our virtualized storage platform is based on different enterprise grade Storage Area Network (SAN) and domain grade Network Attached Storage (NAS) allowing our customers to use data space with no need for installing physical storage devices. Your company data are available at any time, regardless of your location, in a very secure multi-layered environment. We handle for you all the storage maintenance tasks, such as data backup and replication allowing you to focus on your core business.

Virtual backup

Our backup system is designed to reduce bandwidth and CPU. Each backup cycle is completed on disk in a geographically distributed environment and is completely automated (with no manual intervention). This replaces complex backup sets on low performance supporting systems and allows for real-time company data recovery in the event of a disaster.

We support our customers not only with tailor-made solutions designed to minimize downtime, but also with disaster recovery solutions and business continuity platforms, highly encrypted backups, and remote backup solutions via the Internet or VPN.

Virtual firewall

We offer different alternatives for firewall deployment, port management and seamless VPN connections set-ups on reliable and redundant infrastructures. Business firewall service modules protect your private cloud, too. The in-line, high-speed, integrated firewall module provides the fastest firewall data rates in the industry offering you the highest standards of security, reliability and performance without the hassle of technical complexity.

Virtual load balancer

Virtual load balancer deploys applications quickly and with low latency while reducing IT costs. Load balancers increase accuracy and flexibility by regulating applications and resources, allowing to our customers to spread resources across applications and systems in the cloud.