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A partnership with aqumo is much more than a collaboration: it’s a chance for your company to realize its full potential and a unique opportunity to improve overall account coverage, marketing reach and customer satisfaction. You can trust aqumo’s reliability and integrity as we work together to deliver exceptional experiences and opportunities. You can either directly sell our solutions or add them to your existing services to increase the value of your offering and enhance your overall portfolio. 

Aqumo Channel Partner Program (ACPP)

Team with aqumo and access a comprehensive product portfolio. Get the building blocks you require for continuous advancement and growth with the ACPP. Offer your customers reliable ICT services and managed solutions locally and globally. 

The programme is designed to meet your specific needs and to develop your business in a cost-effective way. You will be able to provide your customers with all the advanced and innovative products they require. We’re committed to support you in all stages of your business and offer competitive remuneration. Increasing your business profit and success is our program’s main objective. To provide incremental business benefits and rewards based on performance, the ACPP is comprised of three tiers: 

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Based on partners’ loyalty and performance, each tier includes increasing graduated benefits, which are directly linked to bigger financial rewards. As you increase your sales and revenues, you move up in the tier structure. Membership to the ACPP gives you a unique opportunity to grow your business with superior partner support, premier services and extensive benefits like: 

    Competitive commissions in a non-competitive selling environment. aqumo works with you not against you

    A personal channel sales manager, who will act as a trusted counterparty offering assistance when necessary

    A partner support desk to solve any technical problem

    Training and on-going education

    Dedicated partner portal access through which you can monitor and/or operate on your private platforms

    Incentives and promotions

    Marketing material and documentation 

Aqumo Channel Referral Program (ACRP)

Referral Partners are organizations or individuals that may or may not have a strategic presence in the ICT marketplace. They identify new business opportunities and are compensated for their active role in the selling process. All business is sold through aqumo. The referring partner receives a commission from aqumo, who receives payment for business from a customer. 

If none of our partners programmes are for you, but you have an extensive network and trusted relationships with other businesses within aqumo’s service areas, your referrals could become your new additional source of income.

Joint Ventures (JV)

A joint venture is a business arrangement in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task (e.g. a new project or any other business activity). Strategic joint ventures play a key role in aqumo business strategy, providing new access to capital, geographic markets, synergy opportunities, risks sharing models, technology and advanced feedstock.

Please refer to aqumo Joint Ventures for an updated list of our collaborations.