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Datacenter relocation

aqumo knows that moving your datacenter is not a simple task: we can arrange on your behalf the physical (or virtual) move, manage the staff, deal with the communications and move the data centre computing equipment. We facilitate the process by liaising with the project leader to summon contractors, movers, IT specialists and other personnel as required for weekly planning sessions. aqumo calculates the feasibility of downtime during the data centre move for your company and can help you chose the best option for your business.

On moving day, we can demolish the facility, build a new network operating centre, install the computer equipment and ferry your data to the new centre. aqumo employs redundant systems to ensure data protection, while thanks to our testing procedures we warrant that data centre subject to move is failsafe against unpredictable disruptions.

The result of these operations is a brand new facility that accommodates the existing needs of your company, at the same time allowing flexibility for new service offers. This can be achieved with no drastic variations outside scheduled maintenance periods and keeping the IT and support infrastructure already in place. Our approach maximizes data centre flexibility while simplifying data centre moving procedures.

Digital forensics

Digital forensics is the scientific process of capturing (imaging) and analysing information stored in an electronic format, for the purpose of investigating allegations and establishing the truth, with no pre-emptive bias with regard to the outcome. It is a highly technical discipline, which requires a combination of unique computer technology and software skills, formal investigative experience (law enforcement), knowledge of evidence handling methods, and judgment. Computer forensics can play a key role in finding the truth, directing decision-making processes based on factual information, or providing evidence for winning a legal case. A growing trend in investigation and litigation support is “electronic discovery”, which is becoming an increasingly essential element of today’s investigations since evidence more often than not now resides in computer systems. In fact, a computer retains much more information than most people are aware of: deleted items are almost never completely removed and supposedly deleted information is in fact often kept stored in the computer memory. For these and many other reasons, computer forensics can often find evidence of, or completely recover, lost or intentionally deleted information. However, to effectively obtain this information a simple computer search is not sufficient. Investigators working for aqumo are trained to perform all necessary and specialised tasks, and have all the skills to deal with issues such as spoliation, preservation of evidence and admissibility as they discover the facts.

Local office virtualization

Desktop virtualization is difficult to implement successfully, yet, substantially reducing on-going costs, the process can prove extremely rewarding. We can help you train your employees to a private-cloud-like desktop service and offer end-to-end expertise, from strategy development and solution design, to implementation and on-going management and support.

Our support teams provide help desk services and software upgrades, handle anti-virus and patching, and also perform backups and PC restoration. This new architecture greatly improves personal computing, simplifies your end user's PC experience, drastically reduces power consumption, and allows to recycle previous generation devices.

Remote hands

aqumo offers you a remote hands service. For emergency maintenance and on-going facility supervision, we keep staff on-site at all times. Our remote hands personnel can save you unnecessary trips to the datacentre for a variety of small tasks such as equipment reboots, patches, accepting deliveries.

Turn key projects

Our familiarity with the marketplace and our customers’ company services means that we are able to take charge of several project’s managing aspects and guide customers through complex processes such as datacenter relocations, commissioning of complex private cages and rooms, as well as many other projects, including software components, requiring a combination of technical know-how, flawless organization, and the experience of running non-stop infrastructures.