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The accent is on Italy

IntroFantastico, the Italian registry,, has announced a new naming policy for the .IT domain; it is now possible to register IDNs (internationalized domain names). .IT domain names can be registered by residents of countries in the European Union; this permission is now also granted to Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Republic of San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican City. Just because… The new naming policy is proving extremely popular, within seconds of opening the first name was registered perché.it, moments later, perchè.it, joined the list. Registrants, apparently racing to protect their brands by registering multiples of domain name variants. Early registrations also included, normally, unaccented words such as pizzá.it, and country names in the original language such as ö Safety in numbers Without a ‘priority registration period’, trademark owners are offered no protection; therefore it is imperative to register all the possible variations of names as soon as possible, to ensure trademarks are fully protected. The owner of perché.it realising this, swiftly registered the same name with a different accent. .IT reaches great heights In 2010, .IT domain name registrations reached 2,000,000, doubling in just five years. In July 2012, there are almost 2,500,000 registered .IT domain names, proving its huge popularity. The of hacking Express yourself, whether you are a or a, the opportunity to create a domain hack, they are fun and memorable; they are also good for link sharing as being shorter, they are easier to remember.
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