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datacenter market stands up against Eurozone crisis

Defies EU market trend and plans growth for 2012, and some of it could be modular The Eurozone may be suffering a financial crisis, but according to the most recent report released by Jones Lang LaSalle, this is not dampening the spirits of the European datacenter industry. The real estate company that focusses on the financial and professional services market said its European Data Barometer report shows more than half of those surveyed said they expect to increase datacenter operations over the next 12 months. The second half of 2012 is likely to be the most active, according to the report, which said there was no division between operators with plans to expand datacenters inhouse or in a third party facility. The report also heralded the maturing of the modular datacenter market, with more respondents this year interested in investigating the benefits that using containerized solutions can bring. Jones Lang LaSalle lead director for data centre solutions David Willcocks said customer enquiries are definitely up in this space. “The proportion of those companies that are considering a modular solution has now doubled, which demonstrates the attractiveness of this type of approach,” Willcocks said. Willcocks did warn, however, that given the Eurozone’s unsettling position at the moment, it is hard to predict how the market will react in future. “It is still too early to predict whether, in the longer term, the turmoil in the Eurozone will reduce demand in the sector,” Willcocks said.
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