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Our partners are an extended arm of aqumo / I partners di aqumo sono parte del nostro team

Partnership models

aqumo’s partners play a crucial role in the growth and development of our organization. We value our partners as aqumo’s extended arm, and we are always seeking for new industry-leading partners to increase our business reach. We currently recognize three types of partners:

Channel Partners (ACP)
Referral Providers (ARP)
Joint-Ventures (AJV)

By becoming a partner you can take advantage of aqumo expertise in delivering world-class ICT technology and services. A partnership with aqumo can bring your business a step forward in the market, whether you offer ICT products, services or solutions. Under these partnership programs, you can sell your products with us or integrate our services into your solutions. We will work together to realize the best-in-class solutions on the market. aqumo not only will collaborate with you, helping you achieve your business goals, but will also support your company through a business empowerment network as well as world-class ICT services.

aqumo partners make all the difference

Through the aqumo Partner Program (ACP, ARP or AJV), client businesses serving local communities profit from overall lower total expenses, improved support, and increased capacity to serve. Outsourcing the design and installation of ICT solutions to an aqumo partner reduces average system installation and support costs by as much as 70-80% and overall project costs by as much as 60%. This is achieved combining lower local-labour fees, investment reduction and the elimination of travel costs. The local support offered by aqumo partners also decreases service response times and improves overall service levels, thus lowering possible overall project-management risks for clients.