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Dell pushes Openstack cloud

Software and hardware for on premises cloud deliveryDell announced an open source, on-premise cloud solution based on the OpenStack platform, running on Ubuntu for certain regions of Europe and Asia. The offering consists of an OpenStack-optimised reference architecture designed to integrate, deploy and manage IT resources. It sits on Dell PowerEdge C Series servers—comprised of the C6100, C6105, C2100 and, in the coming weeks, Dell’s new C6220 and R720. This solution uses Dell’s Crowbar software framework, which manages the OpenStack deployment from initial server boot to the configuration of the primary OpenStack components. “As early supporters of solutions based on open-standards like OpenStack and Hadoop, Dell remains committed to providing open, standards-based solutions that enable customers to integrate new technologies without sacrificing performance or existing IT investments,” said Igoe of Dell. “With Dell’s tested and validated designs in infrastructure, software, and services, customers can build out their IT presence and lower in-house costs.” "Morphlabs uses Dell's Openstack Crowbar technology to further enhance automation in the deployment of our all-SSD mCloud Rack, the most price performant converged private cloud infrastructure on the market," says Winston Damarillo, the founder and CEO of Morphlabs. Jane Silber, CEO at Canonical said; “The integration and availability of Ubuntu in the Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution is ideal for the growing number of organisations that want to build open source, scalable and cost effective cloud infrastructures quickly and simply.”
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