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Eaton open-sources datacenter management software

Software enables power-device management through server OS Eaton has open-sourced its datacenter power-management software, intended to address power-management challenges of IT managers, the company said earlier this week. The company is offering free, customized software designed to enable users to add power-management functionality to their operating systems (OS) or datacenter management systems. The software enables control of power devices directly from the server OS. Hervé Tardy, Eaton VP and general manager of the company’s Distributed Power Quality unit, said the software was “designed to provide a customized, integrated solution that goes beyond those offered by legacy vendors using proprietary technologies and protocols.” In addition to management of physical servers and supporting infrastructure, the company’s Intelligent Power Software Suite has been integrated with a number of leading virtualization platforms from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft. A beta version of Eaton’s software-development kit is available for free download on the company’s website. It includes a library of drivers for Eaton power devices and other commercially available operating systems.
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