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Intel releases cache accelerator software for datacenter SSDs

CAS for Linux prioritizes application performance. Article by DatacenterDynamicsIntel Corp. announced its Intel Cache Acceleration Software (CAS) for Linux that prioritizes application performance, providing solid-state-drive (SSD) levels of speed without migration costs and built-in data integrity for Intel's SSD datacenter family of products. The Linux version of the software will be generally available within 30 days as an enterprise subscription and open-source release. It will complement the existing Intel CAS 2.0 for Windows that is available today. Intel CAS 2.0 is based on technology from Intel's August 2012 acquisition of NEVEX Virtual Technologies. The solution provides significant input/output (I/O) and application performance improvements in use cases including database/OLTP, virtualization, cloud and big data (Hadoop). "Intel CAS complements our SSD datacenter family by providing a total caching solution that delivers even more value and capability for our customers," said Chuck Brown, product line manager for Intel's Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group. "Intel CAS delivers a multi-level cache across the SSD and DRAM for optimal performance. “Compared to short-stroked hard-drive technology, we've seen up to 50 times the improvement in I/O performance throughput for read intensive workloads by adding Intel CAS with the Intel SSD 910 series1." The Intel CAS solution provides improved performance for I/O-intensive applications running on dedicated servers or virtual machines (VMs). With policy-based caching, it can target performance to specific applications, files, VM or individual database tables. Selective optimized caching allows administrators to focus performance on applications and data that directly impact the business while enabling consistent I/O acceleration by avoiding contention with other applications and server actions.
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