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New Ulteo Web-Portal OVD Module / Sharepoint Integration

IntroUlteo, the leading Open Source leader of remote applications and desktop publication is proud to announce a new premium module of its Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) solution: the Ulteo OVD Web Module allows any third party portal or WebOS to integrate easily with Ulteo OVD (watch Video below!). Ulteo OVD works now with Microsoft Sharepoint: Part of a special program, Ulteo has worked with Microsoft to integrate the OVD into SharePoint. The result is a unique Ulteo OVD SharePoint plugin that include Ulteo OVD buttons inside Sharepoint so that end users can leverage Ulteo OVD’s remote applications through the SharePoint interface. Seamless integration OVD and Sharepoint: "There are multiple key benefits to this integration between Ulteo OVD and Microsoft Sharepoint. One of them is to be able to single sign on with SharePoint and Ulteo. Once end users are logged into Sharepoint they can immediately open and edit document published by remote applications via Ulteo OVD. They can work on any document with the right application without having to worry if they have the required application on their machine or if their machine operating system is compatible with the document,“ says Thierry Koehrlen, CEO and Co-founder of Ulteo. The integration between Ulteo OVD and SharePoint is seamless. There are multiple options to display the applications, either inside Sharepoint or outside the browser as if the applications were installed on the user local machine. With Ulteo OVD, end users can also open read, modify, create, print save files stored on the SharePoint portal. Thanks to this plugin, it is no longer necessary to download a file, then open it with a local application, and finally upload it afterwards. All of these actions are done into the SharePoint interface fully transparently. Also all remote applications published by Ulteo appear in the local taskbar to ease the navigation among them. A great interoperability use case: Ulteo OVD has always ensured to support a broad applications set, Windows applications, but also Linux/Unix and even mainframe applications. "This OVD- Sharepoint plugin is a perfect solution for applications interoperability needs. From a unique Sharepoint interface users can access multiple sources and types of documents and open them with the right applications published by Ulteo OVD. When possible the users can even choose among multiple applications to open and work on a document," adds Frédéric Aatz, Director of interoperability strategy, Microsoft France. "This will solve many use cases in which end users don't use the same type or even version of an application". More portal solutions support to come: Ulteo has just completed its OVD Web Portal beta program. A few companies have already started to leverage this new Ulteo Web Module to develop custom solutions based on their existing portal (commercial or custom portal). Soon we will share more implementations with other commercial and open source portal solutions.
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