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ULTEO IPad/IOS client no longer on AppStore

IntroEarly 2012, we published our first Ulteo OVD Active Client for the Apple iPad, quickly gaining a significant following of Ulteo mobile users. [...] For the early development of the iPad client we chose to use FreeRDP libs (v. 0.9) from the popular FreeRDP project. Subsequently, a software company raised a GPL violation issue relating to the use of these (now superceded) libraries and requested that Apple remove the Ulteo OVD client for iOS from AppStore which, they claimed, included traces of their registered but now, out-dated code. Earlier, the FreeRDP project addressed the copyright issue by removing the few identified copyrighted lines of source code and had since released a complete, stable version of its libs, published under an Apple App Store compatible license. Following requests from Apple, Ulteo engineers immediately migrated the client source to the latest stable FreeRDP code-base and after testing, released a compliant, high-quality, stable iPad active client. This was published on the App Store on April 28th, 2013. Unfortunately, Apple decided to unilaterally remove our application from the Apple App Store, disregarding the withdrawal of the copyright action. We are very disappointed by Apple's decision and are actively exploring all legal and technical options to resolve this matter and we hope it will be back soon. Be sure to check out our great HTML5 OVD (zero-install!) client and our OVD active client for Android (available on Google Play) - enabling platforms around the world! Never stop pushing the envelope... our engineering team are interested in connecting to an existing infrastructure using SAML in order to better understand how its functionality and dependencies and potentially support it in a future project. Please contact us at: with "SAML project" in the subject field. As always, we are interested in you, your use of the Ulteo OVD solutions and your projects – let's talk... contact us at:
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