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Worldwide Enterprise Storage for Public and Private Cloud 2013-2017 Forecast

Intro just published a new market research report: Worldwide Enterprise Storage for Public and Private Cloud 2013-2017 Forecast.

This IDC study presents the worldwide 2013-2017 forecast for storage spending in support of public and private cloud deployments. The forecast provided in this study is influenced in large part by much of the research published in the "storage solutions for public and private clouds" report series, including the 2012-2016 forecasts, which discusses many of the forces that drive spending on storage hardware, software, and professional services by public cloud providers and in private cloud deployments.

Ashish Nadkarni, research director, Storage, said:

"For most businesses, the cloud has become a mandatory and integral part of the information services delivery infrastructure. Public and private cloud deployments will imminently overtake traditional datacenter deployments. As one the most noteworthy developments in the evolution of IT, cloud has transformed IT delivery and supplier ecosystem permanently. The storage hardware, software, and services industries have the potential to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this trend. By pivoting around the appropriate part of the storage value chain, they can deliver the right solutions for all types of public and private cloud deployments."
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