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aqumo’s core values, shared with both our employees and customers, are always considered for the development of all strategic and operational plans: 


we listen to our clients and transform their ambitions into reality;

we anticipate consumer needs, continually reinventing the world of ICT solutions and services;

we combine products, service and value for money, working side by side with our clients.


we create an environment in which each employee is valued, empowered and encouraged to grow;

we value diversity and commitment, enabling us to shape our future with confidence and imagination;

we bring together the finest talents and encourage an entrepreneurial team spirit to attain our strategic goals. 


we aim to be one step ahead by developing ICT solutions that satisfy our customers’ present and future demands;

we actively encourage our employees to present new ideas and develop them into innovative products;

we strive to find new ways to improve everything we do. 


we strictly keep personal integrity and ethical values at the centre of all our operations;

we operate and communicate honestly at all times, offering continuous support and care to our customers;

we practice a sustainable business model for the well-being of present and future generations;

we adopt the strictest international standards on quality, safety and environment;

we are committed to preserving the environment and always concerned about global warming. We endeavour to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint, while investing in renewable energy. 


our passion and dedication always let us focus on the best solution. We never lose sight of the essential, even in difficult situations;

we are a family-owned company, committed to our independence;

we take a long-term view of our business;

we pursue a policy of financial strength, profitable growth and return on assets.