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aqumo colocation, network, and support services are smart alternatives to building and managing your own datacenter, saving you the additional overheads associated with maintaining a private independent facility and support.

aqumo is renowned for its extremely reliable, super-fast network and unmatched colocation service. We supply all necessary technology to keep your critical equipment up and running, from power supply and cooling, to backup generators and on-site security.

We offer any combination of the following options:

Private Suite

This option offers you a private datacenter suite with all the benefits of being located in our facility—power, protection, security, environmental controls and connectivity. At the same time it gives you a much higher level of privacy and flexibility within a walled enclosure. Your staff is given private access to the facility and can operate on site 24/7 to manage your equipment in a conditioned environment.

Private Rack

If you have limited privacy or space requirements, you can opt for a private rack in our managed datacenter. Our high-class rack enclosure guarantees security and material protection as well as 24/7 access to our location on short notice.

Shared Rack

With a wide range of options, from 1U to a 1/2 rack (21U), our shared racks allow you to keep your colocation expense proportionate to your company’s growth rate, providing a highly stable environment for your technology infrastructure. Shared racks feature 24/7 client access on short notice, however, all shared rack clients are escorted throughout the datacenter and supervised at all times while on site.

All racks remain locked when datacenter clients are not on site.