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Virtual app

Software providers traditionally install their products on their clients’ local computers and networks offering technical support. This can cause an expense increase when upgrading to a newer software version that has higher systems requirements, simply because you have to cover the costs of both the software upgrade, and of a faster hardware to support the upgraded system.

aqumo follow the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, by providing a computing cloud that automatically adjusts to the computing performance requirements of a specific application. This allows the regular upgrading and enhancement of applications, with no need to upgrade the underlying hardware separately. Our applications are powered by an enterprise-class cloud-computing platform, giving you peace-of-mind about the availability, reliability and security of your applications and data.

Our enterprise application portfolio, which is going to be available through our SaaS marketplace, is systematically expanding. In this portfolio we collaborate with independent software vendors (ISVs) to provide several different market-standard suites, so that our clients may choose the combination best suited to their needs.

These are the highlights of our ever-growing offer:

ERP as a Service

SaaS ERP applications have developed to the point that ERP as a service is becoming an asset for many forward thinking companies looking to upgrade their ERP applications. For most companies, the hosted delivery model requires no initial cash outlay for IT resources, guarantees a faster software implementation, on-demand scalability and improved ROI.

Business Intelligence as a Service

SaaS BI solutions collect, sift, and report about business facts in ways that provides companies a greater and clearer vision of their past activities. In this way our clients can make better and more informed decisions for the future.

Groupware as a Service

Groupware is a communication platform for push e-mail, calendar and contacts synchronization as well as application management for smartphones. Whether as a standalone service, part of a messaging email solution or a complement to a managed workplace offering, this service helps to improve productivity, collaboration and efficiency.

Messaging as a Service

Messaging as a Service provides a complete e-mail environment as a service, the perfect solution for organizations interested in revamping their email environment, reducing the total cost of IT ownership and supporting a fluctuating or temporary workforce.

Office as a Service

We provide a complete set of tools for office productivity based on software applications leader in the industry. Our Office as a Service takes care of all your document production and data processing needs. The offer includes a word processor, a spread sheets tool, a presentation tool, a drawing and charting tool, a formula editor and a data manipulation tool, all packaged and fully integrated

Voice as a Service

This service is essentially a virtual PBX which allows you to benefit from new over the Internet phone technologies (VoIP) while keeping the older generation technology (phone lines, number, etc.) in place, thus avoiding unnecessary investments in new hardware.