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We can build a managed ICT infrastructure that performs to your highest expectations. Our engineers can help you in designing and implementing a managed server solution that meets your hosting requirement. Let us manage the server hardening, network management, patch management, security and backup for your managed server, storage or firewalls.


Whether dealing with one server or hundreds, we can help you implementing your resources in the most effective way to develop your business. Our highly skilled engineering staff can work and deal with the most complex environments. With aqumo’s support you won’t need to worry about technical complexity again. From high-availability computer architectures with replicated backed up SANs, to off-site support (redundant datacenter), or to a simple server cluster behind a firewall, we can develop a solution tailored to fit your company.


As storage requirements increase rapidly, so does the complexity of managing and maintaining storage platforms. Our managed storage solution offers an alternative by providing on-demand storage capacity, monitoring and management at your fingertips. Work with one of our engineers to design a solution that meets your ever-changing storage requirements: from dedicated SAN storage to virtualized cloud storage, you can leverage our expertise. Choose from high performance fibre channel SSD storage, medium performance SAS based devices or long-term accessible SATA storage solutions.
If your privacy requirements are particularly strict, we provide a solution based on encrypting devices working at fabric (storage devices) level, the-best-of-breed encryption solution available on the market today.


aqumo’s firewalls protect your hosted ICT infrastructure 24/7 and supply the critical line of protection needed to meet your stringent best practices and regulatory requirements. Our solutions automatize security threats management dispensing with full-time network and security administrators. Our engineers monitor and manage your firewall environment on your behalf to help protect your systems and company data from cyber intrusion and to ensure legitimate traffic’s flow through your network while mitigating disruptions from malicious traffic.

High Availability Shared Firewall

Consistent firewall availability is a necessary requirement for aligning a secure network with mission critical uptime requirements. Our high availability shared firewall solution delivers site-to-site and remote access VPN services as well as DMZ configuration and management.

Managed Dedicated Firewall

 Our bespoke managed firewall solutions employ the latest firewall technology. We can design a high-class firewall solution that matches your throughput and corresponding connection requirements.

Disaster recovery

When considering a disaster recovery solution, organizations need only to ask themselves one question: “how long can my business keep functioning without applications and company data?”. If the answer is “not long”, an alternative plan, to deal with the potential consequences of disasters, has to be implemented.
In the past recovery solutions required that companies owned multiple datacenters, employed technical support and maintenance staff, and spent up to 50% of total IT budget to guarantee an "always on" infrastructure. Today, recovery services that used to be out of reach for small and mid-size businesses have become cost effective and easily manageable. With our Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) and managed cloud hosting solutions, a company can extend on-premises or aqumo-based infrastructures to one of our six geographically dispersed datacenters in a cost-effective way. Combining replication and backup services, we configure diverse solutions to meet specific disaster recovery requirements:

Enterprise Backup

Enterprise Backup employs advanced, disk-based technology to provide in one of our datacenters both local and remote backup (including file-level, bare-metal, and system state).

Server Replication

Server replication duplicates your system environment and sends a copy to one of our datacenters for secure availability of your mission-critical applications.

Cloud Replication

Cloud replication connects (your) on premises and cloud-based environments with our recovery infrastructure for off-site data replication and non-stop application availability.