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Joint-Ventures and Partnerships


The swiss companies Smart Gorla Services SA and Vivid have signed a letter of intent with aqumo to form and operate a joint venture company called Be Smart Solutions based in Lugano, Switzerland. Be Smart operates internationally to design, implement and manage innovative software solutions for its customers, supporting them widely in organisational changes, work optimisation and innovation.

Smart Gorla Services SA has been started by a team of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the field of facility management, acting as a strategic partner for individuals (b2c) and companies (b2b) looking for high quality, reliable and flexible services.

Vivid is a full-service web development company and provides a full spectrum of services: from strategic analysis to applications development, helping its clients to grow their business by providing, since 1999, the most suitable and effective solutions.

BITS Partners SA

BITS Partners SA è attiva nel settore della gestione, dei progetti e della consulenza informatica per piccole e medie aziende che per motivi di massa critica non sono in grado di disporre di un ottimale servizio di supporto informatico interno globale. L'azienda ha quale scopo quello di fornire un riconosciuto valore aggiunto ai propri clienti, di assicurare un alto livello tecnologico attraverso personale scelto accuratamente e con capacità di auto formazione continua e di assistere e consigliare il cliente nelle scelte e nelle realizzazioni informatiche.

Diesse Solution srl

Diesse Solution srl is company founded by professionals working since many years in the computer industry, with the aspiration to provide to corporate clients functional and simple solutions, high quality services and proven experience, guaranteed by a network of high-profile collaborations.

Lutech S.p.A

Lutech S.p.A. is an Italian ICT engineering and services company, working successfully for more than ten years and delivering robust and timely solutions to leading corporate clients. Lutech professionals design, deliver and support innovative and complex ICT infrastructures and services. Lutech can count on a team of over 500 professionals all operating with strong entrepreneurial spirit from premises in: Milan, Rome, Turin, Modena, Florence, Bari.

Sadas srl

Sadas srl is an IT company, founded in 2013 as a spin off of Advanced Systems, a leading group in developing solutions for large database environments. Besides providing technological tools for the management of taxation collection and other executive applications, Advanced Systems has been working on developing columnar DBMS for Data Warehousing for over 30 years.

Vivid di Christian Ceppi

Vivid is a Swiss company founded in 1999 with extensive experience in the development of websites and web-based software. With more than 300 projects in assets, Vivid it is the ideal technology partner for every innovative company.