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Fire detection

The facility is equipped with an advanced fire detection system that meets the most advanced security requirements. The system is designed to prevent fire with no risks to personnel or equipment, and no impact on both immediate and long-term functionality of the active parts.

Smoke detectors are disseminated throughout the facility covering the datacenter floor, offices, and all service and access areas. All structures are built with fire resistant material, including fire resistant (REI 120) armoured doors made of zinc-plated steel and finished with thermo-hardened epoxy-polyester powder coating and anti-scratch design, vandal proof Yale locking systems with steel mechanisms and electromagnetic fire repellent locks.

In case the size of fire exceeds the handling capacity of the internal extinguisher, the system is programmed to send an alarm to the centralised structure TUS Telekommunikation Und Sicherheit which immediately directs an automated call to the local fire patrol, guaranteeing the prompt intervention of external aid forces.