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Our datacenter facility has a dedicated high voltage cabinet with 250kVA capacity and an upgrade path up to 1000kVA. Utility power is provided over redundant industrial underground power feeds.

In the unlikely event of a utility power outage, the UPS takes over, simultaneously turning on a diesel generator. This configuration assures continuous power availability for up to 96 hours in case of an extraordinary utility power outage. We also maintain independent links with fuel suppliers, which are programmed to refuel the diesel generator whenever needed. Since all the power system components are redundant as well as in-service upgradeable and serviceable, this arrangement guarantees uninterrupted power availability to our customers even during prolonged utility power failures.

Power to individual cages and private rooms is provisioned in an A+B configuration, with the infrastructure capable of providing at least 32A at 220V of power per rack via managed PDU and throughout the entire facility. The entire power system is implemented using state of the art electric switching equipment, and it is regularly reviewed, tested, and pre-emptively upgraded to allow sufficient margin for unexpected usage peaks.

Out of concern for the environment, our infrastructure proudly uses 100% green renewable power provided by Tiaqua. Among the first in Europe in 2011 aqumo obtained the certification UNI CEI ISO/IEC 50001:2011, which guarantees our commitment to sustainability and to reducing CO2 emissions.